How to grocery shop on a budget with a family


How to Grocery Shop on a Budget for a Family

So, you have a family and want to save money?  Yeah, me too!  I have a hubby and 5 kids, so learning how to grocery shop on a budget for a family was top priority for me.

At the same time, sacrificing healthy food just to shop on a budget is not ok with me. My goals are to shop and buy healthy foods for my family without paying the equivalent of a second mortgage. 

And remember… I have 5 kids.  4 of whom are teenagers! So let’s get to the tips!  


Buy In Bulk

My biggest and best tip is buy in bulk.  If you have a Costco or Sam’s Club near you, go check out the membership.

I know that Costco has a regular membership and an executive membership.  I pay about 120/year for the executive membership.  Now, that might sound pricey, BUT… you earn money on what you spend. 

I think it is around 2% (don’t quote me on that).

Every May I get my rebate check from the last year of spending.  It is usually between $150 and $200.  So that means, I pay the next year’s membership AND have money left over.  Even if the rebate check was only $100 and I had to pay $20 toward the next membership, it is STILL cheaper than paying for the regular membership.

Bulk stores are great for buying large quantities of items cheaper. 


My Costco Shopping List

Granola Bars

Gluten-Free Bread

Organic Chips

Peanut Butter

Almond Flour

Coconut Oil

Olive Oil


Frozen Pizzas

Blocks of cheese



Almond Milk


Frozen Fruits

Frozen Veggies

Capri Suns

Toilet Paper

Aluminum Foil

Garbage Bags

Dish Scrubbies



And various other things, but these are kind of my staples.

If you could only choose a few things, I would buy meats, eggs, and frozen veggies.

I LOVE their organic broccoli packs.  It comes in a 4 pound bag that has 4 individually wrapped 1 pound bags inside.  Perfection!

As for the meats… when I get home, I divide them up, make marinades and freeze them.

If you don’t have one of these Freezer Vaccum Sealers, that is a good purchase too.  It will keep all your meats fresh, leftovers fresh, and prepped meals fresh.  




Shop Meat Sales

Yes – shop the meat sales!  Most regular grocery stores mark meat down as much as 50% once it is about to hit or has hit the expiration date.  

If you go to the store a bit more often, you can generally find the marked down meats.  Don’t worry if you can’t eat it that day.  Just bring it home and freeze it. 

Then pull it out when you are ready to cook it. 


Buy Freshly Frozen Fruits and Veggies

I try to buy as much organic produce as I can.  This is what can also get pricey.  An alternative to organic FRESH produce is to buy organic FROZEN produce.  Even if it is not organic, this still applies. 

Like I mentioned above, I get 4 pounds of organic frozen broccoli and it is perfect.  You can get all kinds of fruit and veggies frozen and they are often cheaper than the non-frozen varieties.  

And you can mix and match what you buy fresh vs frozen!





Cutting coupons!  You used to have to have a subscription tot he newspaper to get coupons!  NOT ANYMORE!

Often times local coupons simply come in the mail.  

Other coupon resources – you only need one!  This coupon guide is the most comprehensive online coupon resource that I have found!  


Check Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, then I highly recommend checking on Amazon for nonperishable items first.

For example, I buy this Garden of Life Meal Replacement for one of my son’s who doesn’t like to eat breakfast but wants to make a shake in the morning.  He loves putting fruits and peanut butter in it.  So weird, but it keeps him full!

Anyway, I save anywhere from $5-$10 each time I buy it on Amazon Vs. the grocery store.

Especially if your list has more exotic items on it, check Amazon first and see if you can get it cheaper. If you have some higher end staples, go to the store and write down the price and then come home and check Amazon. 

KEEP YOUR LIST for next time!  



Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank.  It will undoubtedly be more pricey than soda and ramen noodles (which is sad) but you still can do it on a budget.