How To Make Powdered Sweetener


Have you ever had a recipe that called for a powdered sweetener and all you have is granular?  Never fear, I’ll show you exactly how to make powdered sweetener!

Whether you want to make powdered sugar, powdered erythritol, powdered monkfruit, or any other powdered granular sugar – the process is all the same. 

Powdered “sugar” is really something you probably don’t use all that often unless you are baking frosted sugar cookies all the time!

Therefore, it is much more cost effective to simply make it on your own on an as needed basis.    


Kitchen Essentials

The best part is that you do not need a fancy or high powered food processor.  I own 2 food processors that I’ve used for this and both work well.

Ninja – The Ninja is obviously on the high end of the price range.  Not as pricey as a Vitamix, but still pricey.  My Ninja gets used 2+ times per day. I kid you not!  Both my son and I use it for our protein smoothies at a minimum.  

I sometimes I use this for powdered sweeteners, but it is kind of overkill.  It all depends on which parts are clean in the moment. 

Magic Bullet – I much prefer to use my Magic Bullet for making powdered sweetener.  The reason is that it is just easier and smaller!    


Does It Even Resemble Powdered “Sugar”

It sure does!  Maybe not 100%, but it certainly gets pretty darn close without the use of industrial machinery!

Below are 2 bowls of approximately the same amount of monkfruit (again, it could be any type of granular sweetener).  


two bowls of granular sweetener


  And now here is the same bowl on the left, but the one on the right is my powdered monkfruit.  You can clearly see the difference.  


sweetener and powdered sweetener


So let’s get to it!  


How To Make Powdered Sweetener

Are you ready for the most simple instructions EVER?  Great!

Step 1. Pour your sweetener in your food processor. 

Step 2. Blend for 30-60 seconds or until powdered.

Step 3. Wait, there isn’t a step 3.  BOOM – done!

Lastly, below is a quick video to shows you visually how to make powdered sweetener.  I think I was using brown monkfruit in this video, but again, it’s all the same.

OH, and please ignore my Nightmare Christmas Jammies!  I forgot you could see my arms when I made the video!